Working for the Monkey Revolution... one banana at a time.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Jeremy's Bike Ride

Lovely Jeremy Keeling from Monkey World (a true friend of the monkeys) will be celebrating his 50th birthday by riding his bike round England. (See this article for details.)

He will be raising money for Julia's House, a hospice for little humans in Dorset.

You can sponsor him by calling 01202 640402.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Military Equipment for Monkeys

When we are out on maneuvers, it is very important that we carry the correct military equipment with us.

For example, an overnight operation could involve camping out, which can be very chilly.

But if you are equipped with a good sleeping bag, the problem is solved. Our larger brethren (such as chimps, orangs, and some gorillas) may be able to requisition standard human sleeping bags. With minor modifications, they will suit us fine.

Smaller monkeys (such as your comandante) will require bespoke items. If you have some friendly humans on whom you can rely, perhaps you might engage them in the cause by getting them to make a sleeping bag to your requirements. In this photograph I am modelling one made in this fashion:

When it is not serving as a sleeping bag, this item can also be used as a handy banana carrying case.